28 August 2008

Jane Addiction

I'll admit it, but I don't consider it a problem. I consider it an enlightenment. A bonus gift in my life, if you will. There is a patron saint of writers. Google it, if you want more information (spoiler alert - it's a man). But I consider Jane as my patron saint. Only a woman understands women and knows how to write for and about women. Which leads me to our topic:

Jane Austen, prolific writer of love and 19th century romance, remained single her entire life.
I believe I would not be entirely wrong in assuming we all have a crush on Tom Lefroy as Jane did. But what about Harris Bigg-Wither (portrayed as Mr. Wisley in 'Becoming Jane')? He was the brother of Jane and Cassandra's dear friends. She accepted him, then refused him the next day. Not unlike Fanny Price and Henry Crawford (the scoundrel) which Jane wrote about 10-12 years after the Harris embarrassment. My question is: What personal experience with love did Jane base all her knowledge on?

Mind you, I am in no way criticizing Miss Austen, nor saying that she is incapable of accurately and thoroughly entrancing and delighting us with her intricately woven tales. But where did it come from?

27 August 2008

An Introduction

Welcome to my first post. If you are coming from my other blog (www.morninglorykitsch.blogspot.com), you will notice some differences. This blog, in keeping with Austen spirit, will be more proper and actually have capitalized letters. I hope this blog can serve as a discussion forum on the 'Austen'tatiousness of it all. I hope to get some good feedback on Jane's novels and thoughts on recent biopics also. If you are new to me and my blogs, Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself and feel free (I implore you!) to take part in polls and commenting. With my best regards,