02 October 2008

A New Book, a New Venture into the Life of Jane

I got this book from Amazon - my favorite place to get discount books. It is in prime condition, not everything has to be used to be cheaper than retail. I'm going to be diving in on a trip I'm going on tomorrow. This simultaneous book reading actually happens quite often with me. But this time it's because I don't want to take my 8 pound baby with me on a trip. I refer, of course, to my all in one edition, not an actual baby. Books are like people to me. You can love them or hate them. They tell you stories. They can make you happy, sad, dreamy, or mad. I didn't intend to Seuss it up just then. I'll let you know how this one is.

As a side note, after seeing 'Cheer from Chawton', a one-woman show last year about Miss Jane Austen, then seeing 'Becoming Jane', I purchased the book 'Becoming Jane'. After reading several biographical sources about JA's life, I realized two things (at least!):

1)Although highly entertaining and one of the reasons I have immersed myself in Austen lit., 'Becoming Jane', the film, is full of inconsistencies and time differentials from Miss Austen's actual life.

2)'Becoming Jane', the book, is a good biographical resource, but not at all entertaining.

I feel like the book and the film are two completely different entities that merely happen to have the same name. For a screenwriter to read the book (I hope), then write the screen play for the movie... well, I don't know how that happened, exactly. There should be a novel written from the screenplay that tells the story the way the film did. However, I have already mentioned that the film has many discrepancies. I will go into them at a later point. That's all I have for now.

29 September 2008


Instead of using a book cover, which of course I'm reading the book, I thought I'd post this pic of the hottest Captain Wentworth. I'm into it at least 7 chapters. I've seen both film adaptations and I really liked them both. My little book club has started with Persuasion. What I enjoy is already being able to picture the characters as I read the book. Now I have an excellent imagination, but seriously, can you imagine a better Captain Wentworth than Rupert Penry-Jones? I can't.
Anne speaks very rarely while everyone else has these long conversations about things. Obviously, Miss Austen wants to point out to us the vanity of Anne's father and sisters. That's all I have so far. I'm still digging in. Stay tuned...

13 September 2008

Beautiful Edition

Miss Jane's complete completed works. I own a paperback that has her uncompleted works, but this was too pretty. So I bought it. My copy doesn't have the gold in the middle of the oval. The title is in gold, and actually looks even prettier than this one.

10 September 2008

Other Great Books

For the Pride & Prejudice crowd. I found these books to be a great addition to the P&P story.

I felt that Amanda Grange did a wonderful job with this book and I plan to thoroughly enjoy all of her other 'diaries'. Especially Captain Wentworth's (wink, wink).


I also enjoyed Helen Halstead's take on what came next in the story of the Bennet's, Bingley's and Darcy's.

04 September 2008

A New, Used Book for my Austen Library

I'll admit, the front illustration is cute. I tried to start this book last night, but I was too exhausted to concentrate. I am excited to dig in when I get my brain back from my mom. Her writing class was last night, and she was using our brain all day yesterday to finish her writing project. Maybe I'll get it back for the weekend and I can get some quality writing in. Oh! this also came in the mail for me this week!

Every true Janeite needs a pose-able Jane action figure! The best deal being at Amazon.

28 August 2008

Jane Addiction

I'll admit it, but I don't consider it a problem. I consider it an enlightenment. A bonus gift in my life, if you will. There is a patron saint of writers. Google it, if you want more information (spoiler alert - it's a man). But I consider Jane as my patron saint. Only a woman understands women and knows how to write for and about women. Which leads me to our topic:

Jane Austen, prolific writer of love and 19th century romance, remained single her entire life.
I believe I would not be entirely wrong in assuming we all have a crush on Tom Lefroy as Jane did. But what about Harris Bigg-Wither (portrayed as Mr. Wisley in 'Becoming Jane')? He was the brother of Jane and Cassandra's dear friends. She accepted him, then refused him the next day. Not unlike Fanny Price and Henry Crawford (the scoundrel) which Jane wrote about 10-12 years after the Harris embarrassment. My question is: What personal experience with love did Jane base all her knowledge on?

Mind you, I am in no way criticizing Miss Austen, nor saying that she is incapable of accurately and thoroughly entrancing and delighting us with her intricately woven tales. But where did it come from?

27 August 2008

An Introduction

Welcome to my first post. If you are coming from my other blog (www.morninglorykitsch.blogspot.com), you will notice some differences. This blog, in keeping with Austen spirit, will be more proper and actually have capitalized letters. I hope this blog can serve as a discussion forum on the 'Austen'tatiousness of it all. I hope to get some good feedback on Jane's novels and thoughts on recent biopics also. If you are new to me and my blogs, Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself and feel free (I implore you!) to take part in polls and commenting. With my best regards,