04 September 2008

A New, Used Book for my Austen Library

I'll admit, the front illustration is cute. I tried to start this book last night, but I was too exhausted to concentrate. I am excited to dig in when I get my brain back from my mom. Her writing class was last night, and she was using our brain all day yesterday to finish her writing project. Maybe I'll get it back for the weekend and I can get some quality writing in. Oh! this also came in the mail for me this week!

Every true Janeite needs a pose-able Jane action figure! The best deal being at Amazon.


Tricia B. said...

I'll have to try that book out too. I love the action figure! I had no idea they made them. I'll have to get one.

mom said...

Thanks for the use of the brain on Wed. Had some great epiphanies while driving the car that I had to write down before I lost it. Ok, so I was going around curves and up and down mountains, but a great thought is fleeting! Anyway, I need it again tomorrow or Sunday so I can finish my "Dad" essay AND a new twist on "Scampenstein". Oh yeah, love the book and figurine.

Anonymous said...

The action figure is made by archiemcphee.com and you can get a better price there than most re-sellers on amazon.