29 September 2008


Instead of using a book cover, which of course I'm reading the book, I thought I'd post this pic of the hottest Captain Wentworth. I'm into it at least 7 chapters. I've seen both film adaptations and I really liked them both. My little book club has started with Persuasion. What I enjoy is already being able to picture the characters as I read the book. Now I have an excellent imagination, but seriously, can you imagine a better Captain Wentworth than Rupert Penry-Jones? I can't.
Anne speaks very rarely while everyone else has these long conversations about things. Obviously, Miss Austen wants to point out to us the vanity of Anne's father and sisters. That's all I have so far. I'm still digging in. Stay tuned...

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A Estudante said...

Persuasion was the first Jane Austen's novel that I read, and although not my favorite (that place belongs to Sense and Sensibility) it is the second i most like!

I loved the latest Persuasion adaptation, and the Captain Wentworth actor has much to do with it :)
But the story is very beautiful, we all must have our second chances in life don't we?