14 January 2009

My New Read

This is my new companion. I love reading the romance between Anne and Frederick from the beginning and from his point of view. Amanda Grange does a wonderful job with each of her 'Diaries'. This is one of my favorite stories from Miss Austen.


A Estudante said...

I'm glad I did found your blog. I'm a big fan of Jane Austen's novel. But i don't find many blogs to discuss in my language (Portuguese) so i tried to find them other where!
Right now I’m finishing my last book of jane austen: Mansfield Park.
I am very curious about the sequels of Jane Austen’s novels, but I didn’t find (yet) any of those books here in Portugal…

marta said...

It's one of my favourite characters! I wonder if I can find that book in a bookshop here! If not, maybe in Chawton, next June =)